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Tell us about your organization?
What is Your Mission Statement?
What are your main goals for implementing Zoho? (Think broad, we will dive into Department specific goals later.)
What are your product or service offerings?
Describe your revenue model? (SAAS, Products, Services etc.) Are you B2B, B2C or both?
Please describe your digital footprint so we know what other software you are using. While Zoho has a fantastic suite of applications, there are often good reasons to keep some third party software. It is important for us to know what software you are using so we can identify cost saving opportunities or possible points of integration that may be necessary.
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How many People are in your organization? How many of these employees do you anticipate using a Zoho product?
How is your organization structured? Please upload an org chart if you have one.

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Are employees limited to see only data that is relevant to their department?
Are employees limited to only see the records they own?
How is data shared between groups or management tiers?
Does your organization divide your business into territories? If so how are they defined? Specifically we need to write rules to automatically assign Accounts into a territory. Can reps see eachother's data within a common territory?
How do you work with Contractors and Vendors?
Do they need access to your system? If so, what access do they need?

Please describe your marketing process in as much detail as possible.
What are your pain points ?
What are your main objectives ?
Please describe your marketing activities as a whole. Do you have a strategic and tactical marketing plan?
How do you manage your marketing Budget?
Do you generate a budget for a campaign and measure ROI on each campaign? If so, how are you tracking this today?
How do you track your Marketing initiatives? Do you break down your campaigns into larger categories like digital marketing vs Print vs Referrals? Do you define specific vendors or networks you market through, i.e. Google Adwords, Facebook? Do you create individual campaigns within a publisher like "Spring Promo 2019" on Google Adwords? Do you track which channel leads use to reach you, i.e. email vs phone vs webform?
If you drive traffic to a website do you have specific landing pages setup per campaign?
On a landing page do you track browser cookies? Do you use google tag manager, UTM parameters, or hidden fields to capture metadata on a form?
When a form is submitted, does the submission need to be approved before it hits the CRM?
If a lead calls in, how is their information captured? How is the call routed or lead distributed after the initial call?
If a lead emails the company which email do they use? Who gets this email? Are any other emails coming into this inbox? Do you use a mail parser to pull information from the email into a CRM today?
Once a lead enters the system how is it assigned? Do the assignment rules change based on the lead source or other criteria like product interest or geographic region?
When the Lead is assigned what action would you like to take? Do you send a thank you email? Is your rep required to respond to the lead within a certain period of time? If so, by Phone, email or Text?
How is a lead qualified? Be as specific as possible. What steps are taken to validate information, interest, intent etc?
What Key performance indicators do you use in your marketing department?
Are Sales broken down by territory? If so what are your territories? How do you hand accounts that have multiple locations and exist in more than one territory?

Please describe your sales process in as much detail as possible.
What are your pain points ?
What are your main objectives ?
How do you prepare for an initial discovery or sale to a customer? Is there background research that needs to be conducted?
How do you determine their needs?
How do you generate a proposal or quote? Be as specific as possible with each step in the process. Are approvals needed?
How is the Proposal or Quote Delivered? Do you use software to track if they received or opened the quote or proposal?
How do customers agree to purchase products or services? Do they sign a contract? Purchase Online? Submit a PO?
Once the customer has agreed to engage in your products or services, what documentation is required by sales to ensure a smooth handoff to operations? Example: Main Point of Contact, Contract, Invoice Generated, Client Added to ERP system.
What is a general timeline for your sales process. Please list out your sales stages and general timeframes. Example: Identify opportunity 3 days, Performs Needs Analysis 4 Days, Generate Proposal 2 Days, Consideration (Customer reviewing Proposal 7 days), Verbal Acceptance 2 days, Closed Won
Are there any approvals that need to take place throughout the sales Cycle? If so what are the conditions that require approval and by whom?
What Key performance indicators do you track in your sales department?
Please upload a copy of a quote/ proposal, Sales Order, Invoice, Contract.

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Please describe your operations process in as much detail as possible.
What are your pain points ?
What are your main objectives ?
How does a handoff to operations occur? Please provide a checklist of all items that need to be complete in order for Operations to process an order without having to go back to Sales for missing info.
What documents are needed and where are they stored?
Are sales reps involved in the operations? How is a customer transitioned from a sales point of contact to an operations point of contact?
When an order or project is received/ kicked off, how is it setup in your current system/process?
Do you have a standardized process, project template or scope you follow? If so please detail it here or uplaod a separate project template etc.
Do you have standardized timeframes for processing orders or projects? If so what are they and how are they determined?
Who oversees a project or order? How are projects/orders managed?
What happens if a customer order is changed, incorrectly entered or a change order is submitted?
How are order/ project Quality Controlled?
What is needed to close out an order or project?

Please describe your accounting process in as much detail as possible.
What are your pain points ?
What are your main objectives ?
Describe your process from Quoting a customer through invoicing? Be sure to describe who is involved in each step.
What information is required on a quote? Please upload on example layout and logo
What information is required on a Sales Order? Please upload on example layout and logo
What information is required on an Invoice? Please upload on example layout and logo
Do your customers have standardized terms?
What payment methods do you accept?
Which Payment Gateways do you use? What is the reason for choosing this gateway? What are your processing rates?
Who generates Quotes, Sales Orders and Invoices? Are approvals needed?
How do you remind customers about overdue invoices? Please upload a copy of an email.

Please describe your support process in as much detail as possible.
What are your pain points ?
What are your main objectives ?
Describe your overall support process?
Do you have Standard SLA's? (Service Level Agreements)
Through what channels do you provide support?
Do you have a knowledgbase or FAQ?
Do you track time on support issues? If so How and Why?
When a support ticket is generated how is it routed?
Do you have specific departments within your support Department?
Describe how a support ticket is generated based on whether a customer: Complains on social media, Writes an Email, Calls in, Complains on a forum, walks into your business.
Who is responsible to initially concierging the ticket?
How is the problem identified?
How is the ticket routed or the approriate resources brought in to solve the ticket?
How is time tracked on support issues?
Do you charge for support? If so How?
How is a ticket closed out?